Saturday, 8 January 2011


After the past two days escapades I've knocked my own confidence when it came to running, I've been feeling pretty down on myself about the whole thing, panicking about not being able to achieve my goal or run this half marathon in March and letting my charity down - especially as yesterday I received my Parkinsons UK t-shirt and didn't go for a run to wear it in.

We decided to visit Alex's parents down south for the weekend and feeling determined to run I packed up my running gear. After a stint in Southampton and too much traffic to make the cinema we decided an earlier run than planned and then off to cinema after. After much complaining and trying to plead with Alex that I don't think I can run cause my self-confidence had taken a knock he convinced me that I should run - 4 miles nonetheless!! New running gear on plus my Parkinsons UK t-shirt and out the door almost immediately I was hit with a stitch that just wouldn't go. I persevered but had to keep stopping to try to breathe it out. (Note to self I need to learn to breather properly as well as run!!) eventually the stabbing subsided and I managed a pretty consistent run after that with only a few twinges from my shin and ankle. 

We didn't managed the 4 mile route as we wanted to try to actually see the film tonight, mapped it when we got back and it was 5.96k. I feel so proud of myself. Another reminder its all mind over matter. Feeling pretty good, so glad I have a boyfriend who doesn't just let me give in when the going gets tough!

If anyone's interested we saw "127 hours" actually quite enjoyed it, much much gore but quite an amazing story. 

Anyway, hoping this positivity carries on for the rest of the Janathon! Thank you to those who commented with support, will write back when I'm not so tired, but you guys really have helped!

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  1. Well done in getting out there when you're away from home. Sometimes you just need to stop and get that stitch out. When I first started running about 5 years ago I would have stitches (funny how reading about them constantly finally triggers a memory!) and what I'd do would be to stop and bend right over, touching the floor for about 10 seconds. Then I'd squat down and just wait it out... the combination of muscle movements served me well, so maybe give it a go.

    That movie looks really interesting - how did they ever lengthen that story out to a feature presentation?! I'll have to check it out.

    Really well done on a great 4 miles!