Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Loooonng day

Back to work properly today, eurgh, that's all I can say. Had to run chores after work, pick up my new iPhone (yay!) and fix car - I now have working screenwash again after 4 weeks of dirty screen, then straight to gym.

I actually managed to run again today, 5k. YES! So proud of myself, I did a 2.5k at quite a fast pace for me then .5k at a fast walk when my ankle started twingeing then finished the 2k at an even faster pace. I'm starting to think that the issue with my ankle comes from being too reliant on treadmill running, my ankle isn't used to it, so that may be something I have to work on. Still, so proud of myself for just getting through the run with a dodgy ankle.

Ridiculously long day though, started work at 8.30am and finished at 4.30, after all my chores, the gym and then a trip to Sainsburys and Tesco (Sainsburys had nothing... come on people get it together!) I've finally gotten home at 7.45 to clean the kitchen whilst Alex cooks me dinner... Needless to say, I long for bedtime, only to do it all again tomorrow minus the chores and shopping PLUS my first ever premiership (?) football match -Villa, hope I enjoy it.


  1. Eugh is all you need to say really. We all feel your pain! Except for Steve apparently who was literally out of bed like a spring chicken this morning, dragged me running, whistled off to work, home with a smile, straight to snowboarding and then home for 40+ minutes of Kinect work out. It's just sickening! :-P

    Well done on getting out there with the ankle, I've been told it's all about distance so even a fast walk has got to be doing you some good! Bring on tomorrow hey? Halfway to double figures!!

  2. You're the best elle !! keep running :D