Sunday, 2 January 2011

It gets harder before it gets easier?

Just done another 5k, not very happy about how it went to be honest. As mentioned yesterday there was a disconcerting feeling in my right ankle, today it wasn't good at all. Alex as ever is the most supportive running partner :) but I know I'm ruining his training. Nonetheless I am vehement in seeing this out to the bitter end, even if it means crawling by the end of January :) and the entire 13.1 miles of the Bath Half.

Having a quick look on other janathoners blogs has actually made me feel a little better, as have the comments that have been left (thanks!!!), when I read some of the blogs prior to 1/1/11 I was feeling quite coy about the run, everyone seemed so pro with no problems dragging themselves out of bed to run a swift 1500000 miles but now its started and I've read others' progress its nice to kinda see everyone not finding it as easy as I thought they would! I am intrigued by others' use of audiofuel - sponsers of the Janathon - but I'm confused as to how it works/what it does. I am looking for more running motivation and it seems to be getting great reviews so it maybe worth me looking into it abit more, if not for running use but to at least find out about the Janathon sponsers!

However, the 2nd Jan doesn't live up to yesterdays escapades as I lost my iPhone :( good thing I took the insurance (let that be a lesson to you kids!!) on the plus side Alex got us tv - it's not been working for about a month now - what a guy!!  


  1. Everyone goes into this kind of madness with different attitudes and motivation (have a look back on some of the Juneathon blogs if you really want convincing - I used crown green bowling as one of mine in 2009).

    Audiofuel is brilliant (other people can explain it better than I can). I was a little unsure about it at first as they're not my usual kind of tunes, but I've found that I run in a more controlled, purposeful way.

  2. I have yet to try it out, but AudioFuel seems to be a set of MP3 tracks that you can download to your iPhone (whoops!) and play as you run. You then match your cadence to the cadence of the track, and choose the track accordingly. There is a free download available at so you can try before you buy.

    I have't tried it yet, but mean to give it a go before the end of the month. I used to really enjoy Spinning (the stationary bike kind, not the wool kind), and that's all about cadence, with a lot of thought going into choosing the right tracks for a session.

    Will link you to a review if and when I do try it out!


  3. Hey thanks for your comment, really nice to know other people are feeling the same as me! I totally know what you mean about ruining your other halfs training. Steve could easily run 4, 6 or probably more miles in a day and yet he's just doing 2 so we can do it together, as well as listening to me moan about having to get out of bed, lol!

    Careful on the ankle, Steve went too hard on his knee when training for the Cardiff half and had to stop running for months while it recovered. Its not worth risking it for the sake of a day or two of rest!

    Best of luck xx

  4. Hello - Sean from AudioFuel here. Thanks for being curious about our running sessions.

    AudioFuel are musicians and sports coaches. We write music specifically for sport (at the moment mostly running) and also add coaching for specific types of workouts (Timed sessions, Interval Training, Long Runs etc.)

    The core idea of AudioFuel is to 'run to the musical beat' there is a mounting body of evidence that beat aligned exercise helps a) Improve performance and b) reduce the perception of effort.

    There is a short interview and more on this here

    Why not give it a bash, if you don't like it, just let us know and we'll refund you. Happily that has only happened twice in the last 3 years!

    Good luck with Janathon!

    Cheers Sean