Sunday, 16 January 2011


Not sure anyone will have noticed but obviously I haven't 'blogged' in a few days, mainly because I haven't run. It's been an odd week.

A 4 mile run today, I know I did ok but my mind isn't really in this and I found the whole thing so difficult from the very moment I stepped outside my body was fighting me all the way. Motivation is lagging and it's terrifying now as the days wear on and the Bath Half gets closer, could I possibly have taken on too much and put too much pressure on myself? Doesn't sound like something I'd do..... At some point I'm going to have to decide whether I can carry this on. I'm so disappointed in myself for getting this far and being so close to actually enjoying running - my run with Alex last week for example - I think I've just lost all confidence in myself. 

Aimed for a 10k by today just so it would be under my belt, gutted.

Hoping beyond hope for a better week! :)

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  1. Keep going Elle! 4mi isn't so far off a 10K, and you've got another seven(?) weeks to the Bath Half, plenty of time to get it together...
    Take care,
    Jules (@2011miles)