Monday, 10 January 2011


I planned to run this morning before work but that never materialised, however I still felt good after yesterdays triumph! So hit the gym after work, I'm beginning to see a pattern in feeling rubbish after runs at the gym. Maybe its the general vibe of the day, the enclosed space or the masses of people, I don't know but it makes me feel rather rubbish even after completing a run. No endorphins to be found tonight unfortunately and no 6k as I just couldn't push myself to run any further staring at the mute screen (due to no headphones) of some random programme on Viva, so only 5k. No bitchfit though, just a leisurely drive home.

To be honest the hardest part of this is now becoming blogging, I'm finding it monotonous and I find the whole experience kind of self glorifying - is that what I mean? I just feel like my thoughts etc aren't really worth writing down/other people reading about - it started out as a me & Alex thing but as time goes on I'm starting to think he's just in it for the exercise and will leave the blogging to me. I suppose it's a good diary of the effort/runs I'm putting in, but its all rather self indulgent? Is that what I mean? Who knows!

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