Thursday, 6 January 2011

Running again...

Finished work at 4.30 again and got my microsim to make my iPhone work again (yay!) and off for a shift 5k at the gym.. Swift?!!

I managed it in 46mins today with only a .5k walk- v proud but my body hates me. It hates me so much that for the first time in a while I even braved the lift up to the flat which I have avoided since Alex made me watch "devil" m
Nighshamamalamalala which ok isn't the scariest film but I think I've painted a prett clear image of how much of a pussy I am!! So you can imagine my body was complaining a fair bit to risk a lift journey!!

I'm now currently at villa game, I prepared for the cold with 4 layers and two pairs of gloves - I am toasty, let's hope second half is better than the first or it'll be a long grumpy ride home with two boys!!

Day 5 done and happy birthday to an old dear friend!

Just to make the most of this I am blogging on my iPhone - such luxury!!

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  1. Just got to look at post and realised i forgot to press publish... Genius! This obviously relates to yesterday.