Friday, 7 January 2011


Yesterdays stress still ringing in my ears I've decided a rest day is in order. This didn't come easy, very disappointed in myself, and feeling really down on myself for it especially as Alex has gone for a 10k anyway. Just done 30 mins of sit-ups and press-ups and tried some yoga positions from the endurance yoga class I used to go to to take the edge off no exercise what-so-ever.

Very annoyed with myself for giving in so early. Not much else to say. Hope everyone else is doing better.


  1. Don't be sad - that strength training will have done you good :) Hope today is a better day.

  2. As K said, all that exercise will hit your core, and you'll run better for it.

    I'm a first time 'thoner, so you'll probably get more useful comments than mine, but I'd say you're wise to listen to your body, and if it says to take a rest from running, then that's what you should do...

    Enjoy week 2!