Sunday, 9 January 2011

Could this be what endorphins feel like?

Literally just through the door from a 6k run back in Worcester, initially Alex had to convince me that running was a good idea - after the drive home I'd fallen asleep on the sofa watching come dine with me in my comfy pjs (yes, I'd gotten home and gotten straight into my pjs I am a slob!) Alex had to prise me from the sofa, literally. We mapped a 6k as I had said I wanted to increase to 6k this week and I said I would see how I felt at 5k. I ran the entire route bar 2 stops of about 30secs to tie my laces. I actually felt like a proper runner! A 5k time check was 35 mins my PB, which encouraged me to continue running to 6k point. I feel amazing!

Such a boost after last week, I'm feeling so good. In my head I kept thinking about all the people who have sponsered me this week who when I felt like crap I'd get an email saying someone had sponsered me and even though it's been tough I've continued running based on their support and of course all the kind words os support from janathoners. (and of course Alex, I'd probably given up by now without his continued help!) Eurgh, this is disgusting how gushy I am but why not embrace it whilst I can!!

Bring on week 2 I guess!

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