Monday, 3 January 2011

And on the third day she didn't run :(

With my ankle not feeling great we decided to give it a slight rest and walk the route this evening but we cut it short and only did 3.8k in about an hour. I think this too may have been a bad idea as my left leg is trying to compensate and not put my entire weight on the right side as now I have pain in my left shin. Left shin, right ankle down... third day.. not good! However, as my ever encouraging boyfriend pointed out I probably should have worn more appropriate footwear for the walk, so I'm hoping the shin pain could be down to this!

Hoping tomorrow is more successful on the run front though it maybe a gym/treadmill jobby as we're both back to work now and I think Alex wants to have some proper training sometime this century and with me as his exercise partner it's not looking too hopeful.. positively speaking though I am beginning to see that this could have been a big ask of my body and I may have been putting quite a bit of pressure on myself. I'm never going to learn to love running if I keep putting such high expectations on myself. A mantra I need to keep telling myself, without it turning into an excuse not to push myself though!!

Another day of shopping today, more successful than previous trips resulting in new professional running gear, if thats not a reason to get out and running again I don't know what is! Hopefully these minor aches and pains are just par of the course and nothing too serious, probably just the initial shock to the system after not running for a while - fingers crossed.

Thanks to all for the continued support :) - I am now going to start commenting on fellow janathoners blogs - and for the audiofuel explanations, definitely something to look into!


  1. You're right in that you're putting too much on yourself - just getting out there is great so well done on the walk today. I too am suffering from the iffy ankle... definitely due to the time off running before jumping into this every day business! How horrid that we're all back in work now too - could always try getting up extra early and getting out on the empty roads though? Have to admit this doesn't sound extra appealing to me but hey it's got to beat the treadmill right?! Keep it up!!