Tuesday, 11 January 2011

first morning run

Stayed in Malvern again last night and working the late shift at work so thought I'd take the opportunity to run outside in the daylight. First thing I noticed, there aren't many runners in Malvern compared to Worcester. Seriously, at the moment in Worcester you can't go 5 paces without seeing another runner, Malvern was sparse, probably cause everyone there is of retirement age - not that that should stop people!

So first morning run, planned a 6k but only managed a feeble 5k and it was a massive push. Legs felt like they were anaesthetised and just wouldn't get going. Bonus points for 3 white-van-man beeps as I ran, even in the dire pulled together running gear I had to borrow off my Mum as I only had my gym gear which wouldn't've protected me even slightly from the cold.

Anyway, 5k done today it's quite nice knowing that I don't have to finish work and whack on my gear and run tonight would be better if I wasn't finishing at 8. Oh well. Day 11 done :)

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  1. It's SUCH a nice feeling getting the run over early isn't it? We haven't managed it at all this week, opting for after work instead. I certainly agree with you, it's lovely to come home knowing you are truely done for the day, miles and all!

    Well done!