Sunday, 26 December 2010

Challenge Accepted!

So with Christmas & Boxing day now over, feeling more than 'festively plump' and sorry for myself at the ludicrous amounts of food I have consumed, my sister mentions something she saw on facebook about running everyday in January.... with my nervous system running slower than average due to the excessive amounts of turkey/cheese/chocolate/whatever-I-could-find, my brain thought this would be a fantastic idea and a motivation to get out and running in the new year - especially considering my training efforts for the Bath Half in March have been pathetic at best! 

A few hours, a google session and a call to my boyfriend later, I'm signed up and 'blogging' about the Janathon! The Janathon, hailed as the annual festival of activity and excuses, will the driving force behind me getting home everyday after work, getting out of bed on weekends to go for a run. It is also likely to be one of the main reasons I will be a bitch for the entire month of January (Good Luck Al!) -  not that I ever need a reason :).

31 days of running and blogging/moaning everyday about it.

Let's see how long I can last! Bring on the pain!

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  1. Good luck fellow Janathoner - it has come around quickly and the fun starts tomorrow